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Labels with your children’s names for upcoming discovery classes – until March 26th!

Stickers with your children’s names for upcoming discovery classes – until March 26th!

The secondary school project’s team has been thinking of you and your kids about the discovery classes.

We propose you to create and personalize your stickers to mark your children’s clothes. Just login before March 26, 2017 on the site:

Create your personal space by filling in your details

You’ve signed in to “Parent Space” with this code: F090162d5e

Order your stickers (think of all your kids!)

And of course, all the profits will go to the benefit of the Amsterdam College project


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Thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers who brought us cakes for the Van Gogh High School bookstore booth in Amsterdam.

Thank you to all gourmands for their generosity.

Thank you to the management of Van Gogh High School for allowing us to organize this operation.

We raised 214 Euros !!! It’s a good start !!!

We count on your support in our future actions.

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We undertook the task, not easy, to create a French secondary school in Amsterdam.

We aim to open for the start of 2018-19 school year with a 6th grade class, as well as possibly, depending on the demand, a 5th grade class.

The goal is to open the 4th and 3rd grades with our first class.

Currently we are in contact with Amsterdam City Hall, Dutch schools and many people ready to help us.

We have the support of the consular advisors: Hélène Degryse, Catherine Libeaut and Marie Christine Kok Escalle.

If you are also interested in supporting us or helping us with your skills and expertise, do not hesitate to get acquainted. To know more and to have more details about our project as well as the last news, we invite you to consult the other pages of this site.

Marie, Aurélie, Janka, Sylvie, Céline, Ivonne and Rym