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We need funds!

Dear friends,

It is now time to give us a real boost! We need some funding to create the foundation and to be able to continue our project.

Thus, we understand that everyone can not – still – reserve a place for his child by contributing 250 €, or even that everyone does not feel particularly concerned by the imminent opening of a secondary school in Amsterdam.

However we would like to be able to count on a small participation of those whom the project challenges or interests. If everyone gives 10, 20, 40 euros it could really allow us to move faster.

Thanks in advance – and do not forget that there is no small contribution 😉

If you want to know more do not hesitate to come to question us.

The college project team

(Marie, Sylvie, Laurence, Janka, Aurelie R)

And if really a financial contribution is not your thing, sign the petition and share it. Thanks again: